Download Film Satu Kecupan

Film Satu Kecupan

The film tells about a girl benama Desi (Masayu Anastasya) who works as an announcer. Ardi (Hengki Kurniawan) girlfriend is always trying to stay away from any form of physical contact even though they've been together

for 2 years, including a kiss. However, Desi was forced to confess and share experiences his first kiss with Ardi that he'd never get.

As a result, their relationships and more distracted at a party diperkeruh Beach Chill Out Nite. At that moment Daisy persuaded to do anything to kiss Ardi. Their relationship is even more critical. Will a kiss can restore Ardy on Desi?

Quality      : VCDRIP

Genre        : Film Indonesia, drama

Film Star   : Masayu Anastasia, Hengky K. Chova
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